I can not believe it, the drought is over.  17 long years of bad beats, questionable coaching, too many hung over/sad Monday’s to count, and “Bills being Bills” frustration is over.  We are in the playoffs, and it’s absolutely amazing.  I have chills just writing this email.

When we beat the Falcons I thought – wow, that makes this whole season worth it no matter what happens going forward.  But now we have something even better, a playoff game for our beloved Bills! (cue chills, tears, and 10+ hours straight of watching reaction videos on Facebook).  I have probably watched the locker room reaction video 100+ times myself, and its better each time I watch it.  What a moment, what a night.

Needless to say, Whitehall Tavern, Tavern at Medlock, and Duff’s Newnan will be ROCKING on Sunday.  Kickoff set for 1 pm but get there early, the bars are expected to be packed for the first playoff game in 18 years.  Wow.

If you are planning on driving down to Jacksonville for the game, check our facebook group (link up to the left) for details on where we will be partying, we are following the plans of the Jacksonville BB group.

Also – in case you are not aware a lot of Bills fans are donating to Andy Dalton’s foundation as a ‘Thank you’ for his effort in beating the Ravens and getting us into the playoffs, donate here: https://www.andydalton.org/

Go Bills!
-BBA Committee (Allison, Alex, Caity, Ronni and John)

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